8 Types of Triggered Emails for Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing

When I think of how email marketing can make a difference in increasing customer engagement for a company, triggered emails comes as a prime technique for client retention. Advertising experts intend to have more and more customers and prospects engaging with their marketing campaigns and for this, they significantly rely on trigger based emails in personally approaching their existing and target clients.

Being an essential part of Email Marketing, Triggering emails are automatically sent to users, subscribers or customers at momentous and special events. There are a variety of goals attached to these, such as,  obtaining more email subscribers on a website’s lists, more data on a company’s user base and promoting a brand’s events, products, and services. Besides all, the latent purpose of such emails is to make the subscribers and customers feel valued. In doing all of this, as a marketer, you should remember that your emails shouldn’t be intrusive and inundant to your recipient’s’ inbox as it may hinder your marketing goals.

In this blog post, we bring you 8 types of triggered emails to achieve effective results in your email marketing campaign:

1. Welcome Email

The name says it all! Welcome emails are used to set the relationship with people subscribing to your blogs, newsletters or services that your company offers. Make sure it is presented with a warm message acknowledging your subscriber’s enlistment into your online user base.

2. Onboarding Emails

These are sent to provide guidance to the customers in setting up their account or start availing the services from your company’s website or its store.

3. Subscriber Activation Emails

Subscribers tend to forget to visit or respond to your website’s content. This can be avoided by sending them an automated reminder about their subscription. Invite them to activate their subscribed account or visit your website.

4. Reactivation Emails

Once you have acquired a subscriber or customer for the website, it is vital for your business to retain your existing client. For this, reactivation emails come in handy as they are used for re-engaging those who haven’t been active within their subscription period. Send them gentle reminders by inviting them to reactivate their subscribed service.

5. Transactional Emails

These are service messages which help your clients reaffirm their purchasing activities. You can send e-receipts, invoice emails, order confirmation, shipping confirmations, refund or return emails, etc. They are widely used to maintain an automated record of the transaction between a company and its customers as well as to provide clients with further engagement within their purchasing cycle.

6. Achievement Emails

Achievement Emails are considered to be one of the most important constituents in any email marketing strategy. It is due to their congratulatory character that helps a company’s customers feel valued and involved whenever it achieves a milestone in the industry. It could be based on the number of followers on a website or a social media platform, a number of sales within a specific time period or a brand’s anniversary in the market.

7. Account Emails

This type of trigger emails is sent to notify subscribers in case there is any change to their account, such as updated password, profile changes, order related change emails etc.

8. Real Time Triggers

Ever got those emails saying “We know it’s raining…. How about a cheesy treat in this awesome weather?” Yeah, they seem tempting and unavoidable. Well, this is where real-time triggers work well. They are basically sent in accordance with specific weather, location or events to create or ‘ ‘trigger’ an impulsive purchase from a brand’s website or its store.


These messages can help your business to increase more purchasing activities on its website and thus increase its online sales. You should always send relevant emails at perfect moments. Don’t indulge in spammy emailing as it may land you up in a receiver’s block list which eventually could degrade your brand’s credibility in Google’s eyes.

So, make sure you utilize triggered emails by automating the right message at the right time!

Thomas Burn is a content marketing expert. Being a social media enthusiast, he believes in the power of writing.