Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018

Social Media Trends

Social media has become that place in today’s society where the public, be it the college student, the high school group, the housewife, the office-goer the businessman the clergy the police the politician any and everyone is found spending most of their  time on and marketing is all about finding people and influencing their mindsets. The various platforms of social media like Facebook, Twitter  Instagram, etc are the best places or the trending places to locate a person and convey your message. The latest media trends are those which the social media platforms keep updating and introducing in order to increase user attendance and make it easy for the user to interact.

Top 5 social media trends in 2018:

1. Videos

Status updates, photos, sharing links to articles are passed. Social media now communicate through video chatting, and people specially businessmen and job providers prefer video chatting as this gives them an insight into the character of the person they are communicating with. Many decisions are made just by studying the body language of the opposite party. People prefer to make communication more personal in order to facilitate decision making. People use video chats to talk to one another and to be able to convey their messages more accurately and appropriately thus being able to become more strategic and to the point removing all doubts and vagueness in dealings with the targeted section of people

2. Live Streaming

has become very popular these days and hopes to increase its popularity in 2018 specially for businessmen this seems to be a very effective means of communicating for their social media marketing campaigns.

3. Influencer Marketing

Another new trend is influencer marketing. the various tools of influencer marketing are BlogAdda, IndiBloggerEleve these will be very active in 2018 as they are considered as a form of noninvasive product/service promotion on building meaningful relationships with influencers, setting clear objectives, and choosing a person who meets your requirements.

Twitter seems to have lost some of its popularity due to political renderings but the leaders of Twitter are expected to bring in some changes which will bring back its golden days. Some major changes which will see the light of day on Twitter will be the introduction of  more features like those on Facebook, Instagram etc and  selling the platform to private investors, and  boosting advertising options  

Twitter is normally considered a major mouthpiece of the common population of every man and women usually the app that we use to write everything we think of, express our emotions, and engage in discussions. And it also plays an important role in social media marketing strategy.

4. Messaging platforms

2018 will see businesses getting active and shifting their focus to messaging apps statistics show that about 2.5 billion people all over the world use messaging apps, so that makes messaging a social media tool too. Brands will find it lucrative and meaningful to interact with their clients via messaging apps. personalized shopping experiences will become popular through Chatbots on Facebook Messenger,  WhatsApp, and Viber etc to name a few.

5. Generation Z

It is an established fact that  Generation Z holds more value for businesses and organizations that do millennials. When Gen Z kids grow up they will have a better and highly sophisticated environment replete with computers and social media of a very advanced form. They will be internet savvy and internet dependent.

Relying more on social media platforms and they will also hold more buying power and most leading brands have already seen this potential, as a result, they have already started preparing their marketing strategies to suit this Gen Z. In the form of changes in Instagram, Snapchat etc.


With 2018 round the  corner  or more appropriately only a stones throw away ( its December 2017 already )  our social media approach needs a lot of rethinking apropos marketing strategies  in order to maximize marketing results and this means a lot of changes will be visible and will actually be used by the younger lot of the earth’s human population. A combination of artificial intelligence and messaging apps will enhance the quality of customer service too.

Aakriti Kapoor is the Digital Marketing Strategist at Digitaloitte, a top digital marketing company in India that provides digital solutions to various industries.