10 Strategies for Social Media Marketing and How to Make Them

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Making strategies for social media is a difficult task for everyone whether they are expert or taking their first step in the Social marketing journey.

What a carefully planned marketing strategy gives you, you know it well. Plus it will help you to learn more to make another more Fantastic social media marketing strategies.

Want to make your social media campaign successful, just go through this post which has 10 social media marketing strategies in detail with the process of how to make them.

Here are the best strategies for social media marketing:

1. Make Goals

First and foremost thing to starts anything is to make objectives, if you have your goals clear in your mind then it almost becomes easier to get a good start. Try SMART framework for making goals, SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT and TIME BOUND.

2. Consider Budget and Resources

Once we have our marketing goals ready, we should consider our budget. Try to make it economically even if you have a fat pocket. Choose out from the pool of option which suits you best, social channels, software, resources and you can experiment with paid advertising.

3. Know the social media presence

You should always check your social media presence either your social media methods are paying off. Just conduct a small social media audit by collecting and analysing the social media metrics like likes and shares and comments and views etc.

4. Target the specific audience

You see, there’s a type of people everywhere. So you have to find the type of customers that want to buy your products. My advice to you is, instead of wasting your resources trying to reach the general public, find your ideal client having more chances to go for products and find the audience that resembles it.

5. Determine social media channel

After identifying your target audience, the next step is to determine the social media channels where you have a ready market to sell your product. And quality counts, never forget that. Instead of spreading across multiple social platforms, choose two or three and focus on delivering vibrant, engaging content that draws customers attention. Note that, size of social media is not the point here, the question is whether your audience is there or not.

6. Discuss the content you are making

It is right that you thought out of making beautiful and classy and influencing the content, but trust me, my friend, this is not enough. There are some more factors that affect your marketing strategy. Consider these 3 elements, Type of content, time of posting and frequency of posting. Here so, it is not enough if you have a unique content, choose the form (Video, infographics, images) that go with your campaign.

7. Consider additional advantages

If you want to make your campaign as flexible as possible and attempt towards your campaign goals at the same time, opt for tools that will help you boost engagement. For example, instead of pumping out content that has no particular value, increase your focus on creating interactive content by using tools such as Guides.Co or Brackify and make your content come to life. Search it out, you have found many on the internet.

8. Keep the campaign on the right track

Social media marketing strategy is a long-term plan including a huge number of different tasks. To ensure everything goes smoothly, your team has to be on the same page. Delegate your tasks and ensure that everyone has a clear knowledge of their responsibilities, respect the deadlines, please.

9. KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) tracking

The only way to ensure that your campaign is performing well is to clearly identify your KPIs. The first area you want to examine is your social media presence. You need to measure the number of your followers and fans, the number of mentions, and track the content.

10. Know the customer journey map

Interacting with customers is the most powerful thing in social media marketing. It is just like they start considering you if they find you likeable. To know the customer journey map, you should make the touch points, like where the customers can reach you, either email or toll-free no. or anything. And try to get feedback for everything you do on social media.

There a number of ways you can start making social media strategy, it can be different and maybe you invent some more good strategies but I think that this post can steer you in the right direction.

My Name is Ashfaq Ahmad and I am an independent Digital Marketing Consultant and Blogger of Techlofy. I have designed my own set of SEO, PPC and Analytics Methodologies to help clients improve their online business multi-fold. I am based in Delhi, India, but work with clients worldwide.