How to Increase Your Customer Base Using Social Media & Blogging?

Social Media & Blogging

Besides the earth, another place where the presence of individuals is increasing day by day is Social media. Almost 2 out of every 7 individuals in the world has some sort of presence in the digital world. Since so many people are there on social media hence, it is an awesome platform to market your product. Marketing on social media is very beneficial but it is also a bit risky at times. But if you do it perfectly then, it can be used to increase your customer base in a very effective manner.

Let’s discuss some methods to increase the customer base using social media and blogging:

1. Choosing the correct platform

One of the things you first have to decide is to choose the best platform you can use. You should choose a platform which has the most number of audience you want to target. If you want to use multiple platforms then you should prioritize according to the audience you will get on each platform.

2. Collecting data and creating a customer database

You can use the data from the social media, for example, comments, feedbacks from social media gives you the username and email is in most of the cases. You can use that data to create a customer database which can be used to identify the target audience for sending the promotional emails.

3. Using blog post for readable information

Blog posts can be used to share all the complicated information that cannot be communicated through social media. All the information which an interested individual would like to know about the business should be present on the blog.

4. Maintaining a good customer support service

After you get customers, it is very important to maintain them and ensure that they have a good image of your business in their mind. A good customer support service is what you need to keep your customers happy. You should always keep in mind that a happy customer attracts newer customers through his good experience and expands the customer base. So, always make sure that the customer’s problems are always solved and he is fully satisfied.

5. Posting attention-grabbing content

One thing is sure that the content that grabs the attention of people is the one that attracts different opinions and criticism. So, you can post content that grabs the attention as well as markets your product. Doing so will increase the chances of increasing the customer base.

6. Providing free newsletter

Newsletters are a great marketing tool. These tools can be used to provide your potential new customers the information about the product/service and many other benefits they will get with it. Newsletters can prove to be a very handy tool if you use them wisely.

7. Consistency in posting

While posting on social media or writing a blog post, you should make sure that you have to be regular in doing so. If you will be consistent then, the chances of you being noticed by a potential customer will increase which will help in increasing the customer base in the long run. You should not neglect any of your social media or blogs and be active on all of them. Being active on these platforms will always keep you in view of your audience and will attract new customers.

So, as we have discussed all the ways in which you can use social media and blog posts, now you can follow them and increase the size of your customer base.