Email Marketing is widely used by marketers and advertising experts to quickly connect with prospective and existing clients due to its cost-effectiveness. The key objective is to create awareness and visibility of a business based on its products and (or) services. Another major aim is to increase client acquisition and maintain existing clientele base of a company.

Why Digitaloitte?

Digitaloitte offers reliable and affordable email marketing services so that you can advance your entrepreneurial success in the most effective way. Our marketing professionals are best at ensuring that your mailing reaches out on time and to the right audience.

We formulate our email marketing strategy with the following key steps:

  1.    Template design
  2.    Landing Page Design
  3.    HTML coding
  4.    Conversion Optimization
  5.    List Management
  6.    Syndication
  7.    Tracking
  8.    Testing
  9.    Reporting

Digitaloitte’s Email Marketing Services:

Our team of professionals proficiently manage advertising campaigns with exceptional strategies to help our clients connect with their customers and prospective clients. Our Services include:

  1.    Feature Content writing
  2.    Landing Page Creation
  3.    List Management
  4.    Targeted Emailing
  5.    HTML coding

At Digitaloitte, we offer excellent Email Marketing Services for our worthy clients to generate profitable leads and improve their website traffic.