10 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

email marketing mistakes

The magic of email marketing is still intaken in today’s era. Approximately 205 billion emails messages are sent per day. The ROI and cost-effectiveness method of emailing still prevails in today’s world. But sometimes the error or mishap can occur in the emails. So, here are the 10 little and sometimes big mistakes every email marketer should stop making right now!

Here are the top 10 email marketing mistakes to avoid in 2018:

Don’t underestimate the power of a subject line

Keep it simple-keep it informational-keep it really should be the real key to the perfect email. The perfect rule of successful email marketing is a persuading yet simple subject line! The message should be conveyed with a little preview of it.

Sending emails to people without their permission

Sending emails without the permission of the receiver is against the law. So it is a big NO! NO! to sent it to unknown people. Sometimes the marketers take the shortcut like buying a list from some sources or harvest email IDs from the internet and shooting emails to them.

Sending Too Many Emails, Too Frequently

We know that a bulk info shared will end up irritating the other person. Email marketing is a sensitive part and one must make sure that users often get irritated very soon with same info being shared again and again. You need to focus more on quality rather than the quantity.

Timing is everything

Want to catch a perfect ROI for your investment then believe that the most important key is the timing of shooting these emails. If you are shooting mails too constantly then the users will not respond to them and even sending them very rare mails will end up at low interest from the users. Also, we need it ensure to track the active hours of the customers. It will ensure that whenever you are sending emails it surely catches the eyes of the customers.

Email focuses on the Product and not the Customer

This is a common mistake which most of the people commit that they forget that the emails are more focused on the products rather than the customers. So give more brief of what you are selling and why should the customer buy it. Mention all the important benefits. Cold selling is a very bad practice which so many users apply to their email marketing plans. Rather than this use smart methods by adding value to your creative emailers. Create a good hype for your products and make customers more excited about them. You can share reviews and also can give previews of upcoming products for that.

Email Contains Too Many or No Calls to Action (CTAs)

So this is one another issue that is being faced by the marketers that they either forget to add any call to action or else they end up adding too many of them. So place such options at a right place and in a right quantity is very much important. Mostly prefer only 1 call to action button. It clears what you are offering to your clients and they will respond to you if you will be able to generate interest regarding your products.

Write emails and not letters

Make sure that what you write should be to the point. Yes, you have a lot of information to be given to the customers but that doesn’t mean you end up writing a whole essay to them as that will only mean that customer will soon lose interest and the important information may be left unread. The average time for such marketing emailers is considered to be 2 minutes.

Emails with Too many or No images

Visual graphics are truly engaging and people to connect with them very much. One need to make sure that the emailers must contain images. But do not overload them with too many of it. Because adding so many images will mean it may take more loading time and maybe it won’t at all convey any important message and user may feel too much in the waiting zone. Attachments will make an email very bulky so it is very important to keep the email attached with less and only the important pieces of visual graphics.

Make a point that whatever you may do in your life, make those things successful. So if you want to send a proper email, avoid the common mistakes mentioned in this article and you will create a great impression that will last longer.