5 Major Trends to follow in Digital Marketing in 2017

digital marketing trends in 2017

The field of Digital Marketing is advancing day by day and hence corporations are finding it a necessity to level up their strategical construct in this domain. Social media platforms are extensively being used by digital marketers to achieve growth ROI and revenues. For this, there is a need felt by organizations for including latest online advertising trends to stay ahead of the race by keeping up with technology and its application in their digital marketing plans.

Let’s have a look at 5 digital marketing trends in 2017 that are useful for your business growth:

1. Live streaming videos

2016 marked the launching of live streaming option on various social media platforms such a Facebook, Instagram and Periscope. Leading brands, celebrities, and millions of business companies are utilizing Live streaming to interact with potential customers, fans, and followers. It has become an easy way to capture the attention of the present-day tech-savvy audience. Business owners are including live videos for discussion forums and live Q&As so as to increase customer engagement with their brands. It is an awesome tool to involve in today’s digital marketing strategy because:

  • You can live stream through your mobile phone, laptop or tablets with a decent camera and internet connection.
  • Live streams come with a personal edge. It makes your watching-audience feel like they are having a one-to-one interaction with you. Alongside, it puts a face to your branding which enhances your customer’s engagement.
  • With live videos, you don’t have to worry about its crafting, editing, and filming. Its production requires minimum efforts and your time and, still, give you good content that provides the information needed by your audience.

2. In-store marketing

It is no doubt that nowadays online shopping is rapidly increasing but people still prefer to shop offline due to the first-hand experience people get while contemplating over a product-purchase. Attracting customers in-store by digital techniques can be a great way to increase client conversion. Many leading brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Target and much more have included a customer-friendly app which offers convenient services, loyalty reward and discounts. Your most loyal customers naturally tend to spend more when you deliver them with an advanced set of services through your app. The key is to enhance their experience and have them pass this to others by sharing their experiences.  For instance,  Rebecca Minkoff is a US based luxury fashion brand with a store that allows a customer to browse their shopping preferences on huge touchscreen mirrors. Besides, they can order drinks and download the app from those trial rooms tech-mirrors. It gives the customers a choice to select available items they want to try and get them added to their shopping cart. The buyers can call a stylist and also adjust room lighting and temperature through the mirrors. Upon finalizing their purchase they request check out by clicking on the mirror in their trial room.

3. The 10-seconds content

It is important for digital marketing companies to observe the latest changes in social media and operate their online advertising campaigns accordingly. Expiring Digital content is one big change that we all have seen on leading social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. This feature allows brands, famous public figures, and businesses a way of gaining the attention of their targeted audience without spending a lot. For instance, the 10-seconds long Snapchat videos are effective to attract the audience as they create an urgency for the customers to watch the video which disappears after one view.

4. Wearable mobile devices

Users love having access to technology if it’s immediate and convenient. Mobile phones and tablet dominate online searching practices because they are portable and handy. And with tech industry is advancing every day, we now have wearable mobile devices. therefore, to increase user engagement with their brands and services, companies will have to develop their digital marketing plans to create websites that cater to the wearable device users. Focusing on voice search, small but adequate interactive screen experiences and quality customer service are keys to keeping the clients engaged with their business.

5. Interactive Content

In today’s digital arena, marketers are concentrating on the production of value-based content for their online interaction with the audience. The mantra is to have captivating content for having the readers constantly engaged with it. Promptly focusing on interactive content, digital marketers are making the online experience of a company’s customers more significant in their advertising strategies. A website having interactive content usually generates more conversions than a website with static content. It renders a business more client-friendly and hence enables it to become reliable. Marketers usually include quizzes, Q&A session, polls, online contests etc to keep their website content interactive by engaging customers.

Thomas Burn is a content marketing expert. Being a social media enthusiast, he believes in the power of writing.