How to Create Engaging Content Using Instagram Stories

How to Create Engaging Content Using Instagram Stories

The Instagram is widely frowning in recent times and is being preferred by the users I order to increase their business base. The Instagram is not only left a place where you can post your photographs and share them with the world but now it is offering great chance for your business to share the visual graphics with the customers in order to increase the reach. One of the services that Instagram provide is the Instagram story. Though the story just lasts for 24 hours it is a part which the users mostly check. The power of social media can be used by your business of uplift and convert your market service into a brand. The Instagram story is more engaging with the audience because these stories refer to the live event that is undergoing in the world and can easily be updated with the geo-tags or certain trending hashtags.

What are basically Instagram stories?

Instagram stories were introduced in December in India. This feature is kind of similar to snap chat stories but the Instagram stories live in the moment. You can put together the content of your choice and tell a story in a creative manner.

How to use this feature?

Open the Instagram and you will see a camera icon on the upper left corner of the main page or the home page. Once you have opened the camera just take a snapshot and take a photo as you use in the normal camera. The tough part of the engaging the audience is creating engaging stories and they shouldn’t be too long.

Why use Instagram stories?

  1. Firstly Instagram stories are at the top of the page always. Your stories are always available to the people and are having higher chances to be seen rather than normal posts.
  2. Secondly, the stories are short and sweet part of the post. They explain the post in short and can attract the people to read the posts and can also engage the audience to open your page.
  3. Currently, another feature is available that you can promote your business using stories which attracts a huge amount of followers and are seen on a large screen.

How to create engaging content on stories?

1. Using the Boomerang feature

You can create small videos and loop them back and forth. You can use the Boomerang feature directly in the Instagram camera app.

2. Make Use of stickers, text, and drawings

There are lots of filters available on the Instagram stories which will funk it up for your photos and videos which you want to upload. You can also add so many stickers such as temperature or customised hashtags or even a geotag. These all great options make it easier for the user to upload a content which will engage more audience towards the content. The emojis can explain what expressions and emotions you want to portray and share with the audience. All these writeups, tags and emojis can also be adjusted as per the requirement to make them as per the requirement. But this is not it. There are drawing tools too. So you can use your finger as the pen and can adjust the size of a pinpoint of the pen too.

3. Mentions

You want your followers to be mentioned in the story then you may. There is an option of mentioning at least 10 friends on Instagram by just using the “@” symbol followed by the username of the user you want to mention. This will give them a direct notification that you have mentioned them in your stories.

4. Instagram live

The fun features are not limited. How about going live and sharing your live experience with all your followers. Insta story gives you this option too. You can go live and share the fun with all your followers. The Instagram live video is also available to be viewed layer by the users who might have missed it while the live event. You can check who is watching or giving you hearts as compliments. People can ask you questions or can discuss things while commenting during the live video. So go live and share your personal experience with your users.

The usage of social media is increasing day by day and so is the usage of Instagram too. Instagram has been proven best for boosting up any business and attracting great clients. It can truly attract more customers and increase the reach of your business. Start telling your business story today on Instagram Story.