Brands are bringing influencer marketing in-house


Here we have discussed different aspects of influencer marketing including in-house influencer marketing and its benefits.

Influencer marketing is the way to go in 2018. With the arrival of the low-cost internet in the country, it has become easier to market your product digitally. But for digital marketing, you need access to the audience and for this, influencer marketing is the way to go. Influencer marketing refers to marketing your product indirectly through an influencer who can be anyone who has access to the audience and is like a mini-celebrity. He/she could be a YouTuber, a blogger, an Instagrammer, anyone. Such people are approached by brands to market their product. These influencers are trusted by their followers and when they talk about a product and give their views about it then, their followers trust their word of mouth. The influencers are authentic as they give their honest opinion about the product. But the problem arises when the brand wants them to give a positive opinion and the influencers don’t want to avoid the negative aspects of the product.

Since the brands want more control hence they avoid the outsourced influencer marketing and go for in-house influencer marketing. In in-house influencer marketing, brands make a separate team for influencer marketing. Creating such a team gives the brands more control over the marketing aspect. Such influencer marketing strategy is better than hiring bigger celebrities for brand promotion as the cost of this strategy is significantly lower. The audience is smaller in influencer marketing but has more chance of getting converted into a customer. It has been seen that when the product is marketed through an influencer then, the chances of it being noticed is significantly higher as compared to when the brands themselves promote it. The simple reason being that the audience of the influencer can relate more to him as they see him as one of them. When he talks about a product he has been using for a while then, people notice it and feel that they can also try the same product. This is most beneficial for those brands that are new in the market and are trying to gain the trust of the people. For such brands, influencer marketing is a boon as it’s very low cost and gives the brand the attention it craves for.

One thing that the brands have to focus on influencer marketing to work is that the product/service they are marketing is good. No matter how big the influence is of the influencer, it won’t work if the product/service is not good. As a brand, you can’t fully rely on influencer marketing thinking that it will compensate the lack of quality in your product.

The biggest reason why influencer marketing work is that the experience of the influencer from the product/service is good. A fewer number of influencer will work better in the long term if the product is good as compared to where the influencers are many but the product is bad.

So, it can easily be said that influencer marketing is not a shortcut but a way to showcase your product/service. And if you are using in-house influencer marketing then, you have to make sure that the product/service is shown as it is in reality and not create a fake impression in the mind of the customer as it will fade away as soon as the product is used by the customer.

So, always ensure that the quality of the product is good enough to be marketed through influencer marketing.