6 Ways to Improve your Business Growth through Social Media in 2017

Social Media

Our world is now highly-accustomed to the use of social media for personal and public purposes. And the community of marketers and businesses is not leaving any chance in taking full advantage of it. Nowadays, brands are modulating their marketing technique which aligns with the world of social media. Whether it is to increase their brand’s recognition, generate further leads, increase sales, and build relationships with customers or to run an advertising campaign, companies are working their best to mark their online presence within the global market.

Social media platforms are no longer a domain made just for sharing jokes and entertaining the users. The virtual social world has become a means to generate loyalty amongst the customers for a brand, provide them with relevant information about a company and its products and services and to promote a business so as to capture potent customers ‘attention. All of the leading marketers are already harnessing the impact of social media to grow their business, as it comes with multiple rewards if done rightly.

Are you a startup, or a small-scale business or an established firm wanting to take great advantage of this digital landscape? Well..

This post brings forth some of the effective ways of using social media to your business advantage!

1. Consistency

Being consistent on your social media profile means you are regularly seen by the online users.  But how do you remain consistent? The answer is simple! You post relevant content regularly.

It is very important to plan your posts as well as their frequency. But sticking to the regularity that you ascribe to the promotional posts is more important. It can be a couple of posts daily or weekly and even monthly depending upon your business goals and the set of audience your business has. However, you can’t be absent for a long time, let’s say a month while expecting a steady volume of the audience to your online profile. Plan out your posts’ frequency in accordance to what your customers like as well as to your company’s interest in the market.

2. Optimize your content according to the platform

Not all social media sites resemble with each other.  And posting the same content on five different sites can risk your brand’s credibility. Format your content specifically with a resonance to the posts that are comfortably entertained by a site’s audience. YouTube has videos, Instagram has pictures, LinkedIn has long posts and Facebook majorly covers all. So even if you have the same message to deliver, all of your posted content should be formulated in accordance to different social media websites.

3. Choosing the Right Social Media Site

There may be some social media platforms which bring better customer engagements and responses than others. For instance, if you have a B2B company, LinkedIn is a better option to acquire your intended customer’s attention than Facebook.

Know which site really works for your business type and approaching prospective clients; then focus on those networks more and make them advantageous for your business.

4. Stay updated with social media changes

Facebook is famous for its ever-changing algorithm to deliver the best of user experiences. Instagram launched the live-streaming feature recently. Twitter just came up with a new User Interface (UI) with an objective to rejuvenate its survival. A wise online marketing strategy usually covers the updates and changes we witness on social media. Echoing the same approach, leading brand promoters are tweaking their marketing strategy so as to cover more virtual landscape with their advertising campaigns. For business owners and online marketers, being updated with social media changes ensures they are not lacking speed when it comes to their marketing strategy.

5. Online Contests

Running an online contest is one of the best ways to engage customers and promoting a brand or business simultaneously.

A key benefit of organizing online games and competition is that they create a buzz amongst your audience followed by a rise in your brand’s online visibility.

6. Fun with facts

It is true providing relevant information to your customers is crucial in your advertising plan. So why not make the information more captivating?

You can do that by posting lesser known fun facts, how-to-videos, tutorials, product demonstrations, live events and much more. In addition to these, you can run an online poll on your company’s social media profile favouring your business goals and interests.

The key-point is to keep the users engaged with your brand at constant intervals.

A successful marketing plan is no longer limited to traditional advertising tools such as TV and Radio Advertisements, Billboards or phone calls. Having a strong social media strategy can benefit your company in various ways.It can become your virtual marketing agent that adds up as an effective measure to amplify your advertising ventures!

Gohita Basotiya is currently working as a Content Writer at Digitaloitte. She is a writer by day and a literary enthusiast by night, whose love for writing and reading has only been growing with every word she stumbles upon.