5 Ways To Make Business For Online Customers

Online Business

Online customers are different to deal with. You are not there to manipulate them and they only get attracted by discounts and rewards. A business owner was afraid running promotions or offering discounts, especially advertised on social media and other digital marketing channels, thinking this might take away from the quality of his establishment. So the question arises –

How can you properly represent your brand while also offering your customers incentives to choose your business over others?Well… it is a good point to raise for and we should make another different strategy for our online customers.


Here the list goes on 5 amazing way to deal with online customers.

1. Make the discount special by time gap

We have to make our discount valuable and not just like clearing stock or a promotion look-out. One thing which is noticeable is discount offers are not always available.

Whether it’s a once a week promotion that you can promote on your social media channels or a “semi-annual” sale or give festive rebates, the key to making a discount look valuable online is to show that it does not come around every day.

The second that people feel like an offering is just the standard; they start to realize that it was never that valuable of a deal, to begin with.

2. Give big saving opportunity to customers

Online customers love to save money on the things that they love, especially luxury items that they may have a hard time justifying the cost of. If the price point is typically set high for the items or services you sell, offering a big cut in price a couple of times per year, is a really great way to maintain the value of your items while also drawing new or returning customers in the door.

Make sure the original price is known and it is displayed alongside the discount you are offering.

Again, this shouldn’t be something you offer every day.

3. Make them feel special with your brand

You are a part of some prestigious group of the same thing. How does it sound? Good. Awesome. Exactly. Customers like to feel as though they are a part of an exclusive club, in other words, feeling of attachment.

In order to make discounts even more valuable, we can offer to restrict them to people who are returning loyal customers, or people that showcase that they love our brand.

By making discounts exclusive or personalized in some way, you avoid discounts looking cheap and rather make them look valuable to the people who have not yet hopped on board and joined the club yet! Go on.

4. Give your Discount a reason

There’s a say that there is a reason for everything. People have a mindset if they get everything cheap and we are not going to give them easily. Make sure that they get a valid reason for every discounts and reward.

Discounts and rewards shouldn’t come around every day and they should not come easily.

People won’t feel connected to your brand if they feel like the discounts you are offering are run-of-the-mill or standard practice. A discount looks valuable when people truly feel like they are being rewarded for choosing a business over others.

5. Make sure it will reach the targeted audience

Giving discounts and reward on the product is not enough for online customers if they don’t get any idea about products. Whether you we’ve made sure it has value and appeal to a particular demographic audience, it’s time to start promoting.

Make sure that people aren’t just watching and scroll down your content, our goal is to engage people more closely linked to brand through subscribing to the mailing list or following on social media.


Incentives and discounts help online customers to notice any business and make their mind to go there, as long as a business offers a discount without making any loss, it is considered as a positive part of a marketing strategy.

Which one do you like most for your online customers?

Aakriti Kapoor is the Digital Marketing Strategist at Digitaloitte, a top digital marketing company in India that provides digital solutions to various industries.