6 Key Tips to Remember About Live Videos in Business Marketing

Live Videos

Live video has gained immense popularity in marketing practices over the last couple of years. Social media is the place where brands and public figures are utilising live streaming to enhance their band’s image and keep their audience engaged with it. The ease of broadcasting and the negligible cost and efforts in going live have made it possible for live videos to be extensively used in all of the advertising domains.

Read the following reasons behind the trending of live videos in 2017:

  •  People prefer to watch a video than they would consume any other type of content.
  •  Videos tend to be more captivating and memorable than any other form of content.
  •  The message conveyed through a visual content creates more impact on the receivers than its written counterpart.

On this account, we can say that live videos can be more effective to spread the word immediately while expecting a great response from its audience. And if you are planning on to use live video for marketing purposes and want to know how to go about it? You are at the right place!

Best Tips to Remember About Live Videos in Business Marketing:

1. Go live at the right platform(s)

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are leading the game of live video platforms on social media. They have their own live video features and, marketers, popular public figures and social media influencers use them to spread their messages about their brand and initiatives.

What you need to understand is, you cannot go on each and every platform while expecting a fabulous response to be generated on all. Choose the most suitable platform that helps your marketed content become visible and garner viewers’ attention. If the majority of your followers, customers and potential leads are on Facebook, then you can skip going live on Instagram or Snapchat. This way you will reach out to those who would actually listen to you and watch your videos.

Another point to notice is that live videos are ephemeral meaning they are usually made to last for the next 24 hours the moment you start streaming. This can help your content build urgency compelling the viewers to watch before it ends.

2. Target the right people

There is no use of going live with a product description if you are not reaching out to those who are actually in its requirement or may be interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, you have to find out the right set of the audience if you are planning to gain attention from social media.

Categorise your target audience and know where they are located on social media domains. For future live streaming, you can optimize your efforts and time based on the responses you have received in your previously made videos.

3. Study the associated features of Live streaming

Broadcasting a live video comes with different features on different platforms. Instagram’s live videos are ephemeral and disappear after watching. Facebook Stories last for the next 24 hours. This can help you broadcast short content, for example, an announcement regarding your upcoming product’s launch.

Besides their time bound availability, different live video platforms have different features for interaction purposes. Some allow commenting and like while others allow reactions as well. Marketers can engage the viewers with these features and encourage them to comment, like or react to your content as per their liking.

4. Strategize your video

In order to garner attention from your followers, a strategized live video is way more effective than just going live out of nowhere or without any thing relevant related to viewer’s interests and requirements. You have to decide on what you are going to showcase, what the video will be about, how you are going to stream on the subject matter. Is it for advertising your brand? A product demonstration?  A behind-the-scenes video? Or are you expecting customer engagement from the stream?

Having a clear notion of your live video objective will help in coming up with an interest generating content.

5. Be creative

Live streaming enables you to connect with people more casually than conventional networking options. You can be creative here and use humour to make your live session worthwhile. There are brands, which incorporate quirky and offbeat content in their live videos as they come with a sense of fun and may invoke viewer’s interaction with the brand.

You can invite influencers to promote your brands from their own profiles as they already have a significant volume of followers and viewers.

In addition to this, you can build your marketing content based on the real time triggers. For example, a clothing brand can announce an end of season sale or festive offers via live streaming. This way people will be more interested and informed about its products and may end up buying from the brand.

6. Ask and Answer through live videos

For a brand to deliver the best and retain its client-base, getting valuable suggestions, reviews and feedback are helpful. With the ease of live streaming, you can now encourage viewers and online customers to ask questions about your current or upcoming offerings. You can also respond to the queries and suggestions you have received from the comment section on different posts or blogs posted from your brand’s profile.


The scope of live video is becoming greater with time. In fact, 2017 is being called as the year of live streaming with almost everyone on social media is going live. So, if you are also thinking of joining this pool, remember to keep these 6 tips in mind. And don’t be afraid to try new things while advertising your business!

Share your live streaming experience and strategies for live videos in the comment section below! We love to hear from you all!

Aakriti Kapoor is the Digital Marketing Strategist at Digitaloitte, a top digital marketing company in India that provides digital solutions to various industries.