6 Important Tips on Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Small Business

Social Media Marketing

With each year, the grasp of social media over the digital world is only becoming more and stronger. And technology is responsible for providing humans with a second type of existence apart from the natural one. Yes, I am talking about social media profiles, our virtual identity over the internet.

If you are a marketer then connecting with a larger audience can be done these days through online social sites. It can be a boon, especially if you are a small-scale business. An affordable and convenient alternative to traditional marketing tools such as TV and Radio advertisements, billboards and banners, which used to cost a fortune, social media can be used effectively for marketing your business if you are lean on the advertising budget. And you won’t even have a burning hole in your pockets. Social media marketing can increase your brand awareness, build a connection with your customers and elevate your website in Search Engine Ranking Pages.

Don’t know how to go about social media marketing and gain traction with time? First of all, if you haven’t signed up on social sites yet, do it now!  Secondly, remember that it’s a time-taking process.You won’t have a huge following in few weeks, rather is it recommended to remain patient and employ a smart strategy to your marketing plan.

Best tips on social media marketing to grow your small business:

1. Customise your social media accounts

Done with the signing up? Great! Let’s get going!

it doesn’t matter, whether you have a new account or even the one which you signed up for when such platforms were newly launched. What should be taken care of is how you maintain your social media profile if it is business-related. Customise your social media accounts; upload only that content which is relevant to your company and its products. Optimise it in a way that it creates an impact on your viewership. Avoid having cold-messages or content uploaded on your profiles. Add videos, tutorials, images, gifs and so on. Just keep it interesting and significant to your audience.

2. Choosing the perfect platform

It will be a big NO to generate leads from the internet if your business is approaching the wrong audience at the right time or vice versa. Therefore, know where your company can generate significant leads from a specific social media website. It is okay to not have too many followers on Facebook if on the other hand you get frequently retweeted on Twitter. The trick is to know which site is more beneficial for your company. For example, if you are into photography industry, Pinterest and Instagram will provide you more viewers than LinkedIn. In the same way, if you are a B2B firm, the right audience for you will be on sites that are widely used for professional networking, such as LinkedIn. Upload your content more on the platform which produces more leads than others. Meanwhile, don’t avoid the rest of your accounts but focus more on those which seem to be bringing positive results in your marketing campaign.

3. Strategy is a must

Knowing why you are using social media is a prerequisite. Is it because you want to increase your brand awareness? Do you want to attract a specific set of users? Do you want to obtain reviews about your company’s products? Or you want to reach out to existing customers and future clients?

Without having figured out the purpose of your online marketing campaign can ruinous to your business growth. Don’t just be online without knowing the right community for your business, the type of content to which your customers respond well, or what are your competitors doing in the market.

Strategizing your advertisements is a necessity in order to gain organic traffic and higher conversion rates to your website. Research what customers require these days, know their likes and dislikes, a survey about their preferences, keep an eye on latest online trends and be aware of how your rivals are utilising the web.

Last but not the least; schedule your posts within regular intervals. It is better to post once or twice a week or a month, depending upon your business objectives. Through daily posts are trending these days, overdoing it can render your profile as intrusive to some users.

4. Socialize

From a business perspective, socialising is usually overlooked due to two reasons. One being, that marketers always have time constraints. Secondly, it is often believed why there is a need to chit-chat when you can say everything through ads and content on your company’s profile? This is where many can be wrong.  In fact, if you stay connected with your consumer-base, you will only add up to their trust on your brand. Engage with your followers, respond to their comments, retweet their posts if you like, share content relevant to them. When you build a relationship with users and personalise your marketing approach they will create a valuable response to your content.

5. Quit the Salesy-image

Yes, it is most important to upload posts which are relevant to your business’ products and services but this is not the only thing your uploads should be about. If your posts are self-serving, you may lose your follower’s engagement. Create content that is moving to your readers or customers. Think from their perspective. You can drop the salesperson lingo for some time and try connecting in an empathetic manner. For instance, notice how life insurance companies advertise their services.

6. Consistency and variation

Don’t worry about this juxtaposition! We are getting to it!

When it comes to consistency, it is vital for your blog posts and its quality. Be consistent with the posts you schedule to upload. You cannot post one month on a regular basis and leave the next without any uploads. This is because irregularity can hinder your lead generation and follower can lose interest in the brand. Also, maintain quality while creating content for social media. Optimize the pixels of your images, keep irrelevant videos, texts and images at bay, and write the right content for your blog.

In addition to this, keeping variety into your content creation is a must. You cannot put the same kind of content over and over again. Constantly change the modes via which you spread the news. Sometimes, do it through an image, or through a video, sometimes through a quote, or through a blog of your own. The ways you upload your content may vary but the message should remain relevant and useful to you, your business and to the audience.You can seek help from an expert if you are not social media savvy.

Concluding thoughts:

Always remember, organic traffic cannot be directed to your website overnight. The key is to have patience and work towards your company’s mission. Be connected and updated with anything that is related to your social media marketing campaign. Keeping the same vision in mind, we have brought forth 6 important tips on social media marketing to help your small business grow with fruitful results.

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Thomas Burn is a content marketing expert. Being a social media enthusiast, he believes in the power of writing.