4 Tips to Improve your Blog Posts for Increased Lead Generation

lead generation

Your blog posts can either beef up your marketing game plan, or it doesn’t. Having a blog can do wonders for your business if it draws significant leads from the internet. For this, you need to make sure the content is worth reading. Why? Apparently, you are not only providing useful information to the audience but representing your brand’s image to them.

If it is captivating enough, a blog may help you add up commercial benefits by attracting many qualified leads. And with a lot going on in the content marketing industry, a business has to have an awesome blogging section for its sustainable growth in the market.

Best tips to improve your blog posts for lead generation:


Remember, your blog’s prime objective should be to have the audience read your blog and then comes the goal of generating leads.  Do you know an average span of reading a post in just 37 seconds? Yes, it is nearly half a minute to convince readers that your content is worthwhile! So how do you win this 37 seconds game and impress the audience to read your blog? Have an attractive opening. You can start off with a question or a fun fact about the topic you are writing on. Or else, you can capture people’s attention by presenting their problem and a list of solutions at the beginning. This might assure them that your blog will provide valuable information in regard to their queries.

Another tactic is to start with a personal anecdote, so a reader would be engaged into a tiny storyline building their interests in your piece. Or add jokes at the beginning, if you have a great sense of humour!


Now that you know how to grab reader’s attention, your challenge shifts to keep them going with the text. One thing you can do is to write a quality content which provides thorough information that answers all the questions people search for on web. When you don’t have an in-depth content, you would risk your blog’s credibility.  But, you can prevent this by writing a long post as it believed to generate 9 times more leads than a short blog post. An average word count of a long post varies from 1000 to 2000 as compared to a short post, which is usually around 500-600 words.


From a marketing perspective, adding CTAs within your content is a smart way of directing traffic to your website. They shouldn’t be left at the end of a blog post since content marketers have developed a habit of including links and you should too, so as to ensure you are not lagging behind in the game.

You can add links directing the audience to an eBook, relevant online stats, video references, and landing pages or to a more informative blog post which may benefit the readers further in their quests.

After reading your blog, your readers should be satisfied with the information you are offering. Once you ensure that the content they spending their time on is of value, you can confidently encourage them to subscribe to your blog, sign up for a newsletter or click over to your website’s landing page.


Blog posts, especially in the long form should have visual content so as to generate more leads. This is because; they can be more insightful than regular word content.  You can incorporate illustrations, images, and short-videos to have readers know how they can sign up for a specific offer, or download content or to convince them into making an eventual purchase. It is usually done by adding a CTA link to a visual content.

A crucial advantage of including image or videos is that they make your blog post look appealing and thus helps you keep a reader engaged with it. In fact,  According to a source, people usually spend 2.6x more time on a page having visual content, than without any.

Besides all, your website should have a well-maintained lead generation strategy. You must regularly invest time and efforts on reviewing your previous posts and quality of your SEO techniques.


Remember, your blog is an opportunity to connect with the prospective customer so make sure you hit the right cords in providing information and latently convincing them why you are a reliable source. We understand how vital is to do optimize a blog post with respect to marketing perspective as well as readers’ interests. Therefore, we have brought you the 4 most useful tips you can incorporate into your blogging routine and gain relevant leads for the business.

If you have feedback or follow up queries, feel free to comment below.  We love to hear from you!

Thomas Burn is a content marketing expert. Being a social media enthusiast, he believes in the power of writing.