9 Ways to Make your SEO Strategy better in 2017

SEO Strategy

The field of Search Engine Optimisation continues to reform itself with the passage of each year. And 2017 is no exception. SEO professionals and business owners are experiencing an essential need to advance their SEO techniques to meet their company goals such as driving relevant traffic, increase ROI and better ranking on SERP.  Whether you are new to this industry or want better results for your existing business, your website can help you if you ‘optimize your SE optimisation strategy’ with a few effective techniques.

This blog post will cover 9 helpful ways to improve your SEO strategy and enhance your Search Engine Ranking (SER):

1. Mobile-friendly Websites Get More Traffic

Gone are the days when browsing was just limited to desktops or laptops.  With the world witnessing a 936.0% growth in the internet users since the year 2000, 52.7% of the world internet users search online through mobile phones. The numbers say it all!

Think about it from a user’s perspective. Most of them are always on the move and hence would want fast search results at their fingertips.

Therefore, it is better to have a mobile friendly website for better online visibility and to improve the chances of getting higher ROI.

2. Opt for relevant link building

Search Engines do not evaluate all links equally. While you can use the trick to buying links for backtracking to your website, this isn’t what Google or any other SEs appreciate.

For example, the launching of Google Penguin in 2012 was done to keep a check on Blackhat Link Building. Buying links can breach your site’s ranking and land you with a Google penalty.

To avoid this, make great use of your research on understanding your targeted audience’s browsing behaviour.

Focus on developing high-quality content and promoting your site in a manner that attracts organic backlinking.

3. Focus on Quality Content

It is always about quality rather than quantity when it comes to implementing excellent SEO strategies.

Expert SEO companies don’t just limit themselves to optimising the website, they put equal amount of efforts in producing high-quality content for the website

For a good content would definitely come out as a captivating factor to attract the relevant audience to your site.

In simple words, an excellent form of content can better your chances of acquiring more leads to your site.

Optimise your written content according to the needs of your intended audience.

The formula is to Research, Write and Provide.

4. Voice-Search is a new ally

With an upsurge of wearable mobile devices and inclusion of recording button on your Search Engine Bar, Voice Search is gaining momentum as one of the trending modes of browsing.

Leading tech companies such as Microsoft by launching Cortana, Apple with Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have optimised user’s browsing patterns via Voice search. This hands-free and personalised mode of searching have only resulted in user-friendly practices available on the internet.

SEO professionals should pay heed to this added feature which is now present on all prominent Search Engines and includes it while structuring their SEO strategy.

5. Focus on Great User Experience

A well-crafted SEO strategy does not avoid the importance of providing great User Experience (UX) to its visitors.

It requires little but powerful efforts in delivering satisfying UX that could create a difference between a reliable product and services from its opposite. Optimise your SEO plan in a way that it provides great service to the user by keeping their experience pleasant and hassle-free.

Have quality content on your website, provide guiding tips in case they are on their way to avail services of from your company, assist them with needed instructions in order to make an eventual purchase and maintain a post-purchase communication so as to provide further services to them.

This would benefit your business in keeping loyal customers and potentially acquire more leads for your site as referrals from your previous clients.

6. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase.” In simple terms, these are the keyword and phrases that are specific to your business than general keywords used on the web.

It is no doubt they create less traffic but are relevant since they tend to get higher conversion rate.

Including long tail keywords, also mean that you are being more specific to your offered products and services, thus filtering out irrelevant browsing traffic to your website.

The Internet is no longer just a platform giving you answers on generalised queries, rather it has become a user-personalized domain to provide target specific content.

7. HTTPS as a trust-builder for your Website

To gain valuable trust from your prospective customers, convert your site into https from Http. The additional “s” in Https stands for Secure, which is self-advocating in order to render your website as a reliable and safe source which caters to your visitors’ requirements.

It is absolutely a must when your business includes online cash transactions. People are still hesitant to carry out online transactions due to many reasons. And changing your website into https from Http can be an indirect way of ensuring the customers that their information remains confidential.

8. Do not forget Yahoo and Bing!

Google is undoubtedly the Top Search Engine across the world, but it still faces tough competition with Yahoo and Bing. Also, there are places like China, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea, Syria  Pakistan and many Arab countries where it’s not accessible.

Some users have Yahoo and Bing as their default browsers which mean that not all of the internet users can have information that is provided solely on Google.

Therefore, SEO professionals should optimise their websites keeping other SEs in mind. Adjusting their site’s visibility that matches to the workings of these Search portals is a smart way of expanding their horizon in the digital world and enhance their chances of increased traffic to their web page.

9. Have a speedy website

Slow loading pages mean low user engagement.Naturally causing a drop in conversion rate and ROI. People nowadays have developed short attention span which means lower tolerance to lagging websites. Therefore, optimising your website’s algorithm to have speedy performance is essential in current SEO strategies. Reform the responsive sizes of your website’s media and remove irrelevant data that delay your loading span.

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Gohita Basotiya is currently working as a Content Writer at Digitaloitte. She is a writer by day and a literary enthusiast by night, whose love for writing and reading has only been growing with every word she stumbles upon.

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