6 Benefits of PPC Advertising for Small Business

PPC Advertising for Small Business

Do you know for every $1 spent on an Adword, a business earns $2 from the same? Amazing, isn’t it? And that’s not all! There are many benefits that a business could reap by incorporating PPC advertising into its marketing plans.

For starters!

1. PPC can increase your brand’s awareness by 80%.

2. Users are 27 times more likely to click on online video advertisements than standard banners.

3. According to the same source, if you employ display advertisements in your marketing campaigns, your website incoming traffic can increase up to 3 times than before.

Well, these are some of the many and major advantages of your brand’s digital existence!

Here are the top  6 major benefits of using PPC advertising for your small business:

1. PPC advances your business goals

This is the most obvious reason for inculcating PPC advertising. It can help you achieve various business and marketing goals. Whether you want to gain high-level exposure to your brand, increase your online sales, or strengthen your website’s conversion rates. It acts as a catalyst to promote your content and current offerings in the market. So, we can say that it is a powerful tool to drive website traffic and convert that into an eventual buyer or subscriber of your products or services.

2. Quick Entry

Launching a PPC campaign does not take as much of time taken in incorporating and launching an SEO campaign for your website. It doesn’t mean you should avoid or completely drop your Search Engine Optimization plans! In fact, SEO is equally relevant to your business PPC, on the other hand, can be a quick entry ticket into the arena of digital marketing.

Let me tell you how!

Unlike email marketing, you can reach out to a broader range of online users who may not be aware of your brand, thus extending your visibility to a new and larger portion of potential customers. In other words, it’s not you but your displayed ads which will do the relevant talking on your behalf.

3. PPC Performance Can Be Easily Tracked and Measured

This is one of the most convenient characteristics of PPC advertising. They are easy to measure and track in terms of their performance and contribution to your business ROI. Use Google Analytics and Google Adwords Tools to know how your current PPC campaign is doing. Such tools allow you to know the volume of website traffic from various sources (wherever you have display ads for your brand), impressions, conversions, and clicks based on the nature of your campaign goals.

As compared to other advertising methods and channels, PPC performance can easily be tracked with help of Google Analytics as it gives you a clearer report on what you spent and how well your campaign efforts reciprocated to meet your business goals.

4. PPC aligns with other marketing methods

Content Marketing is leading the advertising industry and PPC ads can be a great tool to drive more visitors and viewers to your content which will eventually help your content increase its ROI. Your brand’s Ad words can direct the organic traffic which may be looking for the specific products or services by using the similar keywords that you have optimized your PPC content with. This way you will get the benefits of using SEO optimized Adwords into your paid marketing campaigns.

PPC is also helpful when you want to remarket your brand to those users who visited and left your site, regardless of how they found your website. It can help your brand keep the visitors engaged with your website.

5. You Have the Control

When it comes to PPC advertising you have the ultimate control over the ways you reach prospects and potential clients. You can start with keywords and their placements and how restrictive you want to be.

For Startups and newbies in the market, their ad budgets can flexibly align with their spending ability. However, your budget should at least match the standard market rates. But how much you spend and bid on is totally up to your own discretion. In case you get the desired results, you can literally increase your ad budgets. If the result is of opposite nature, you can easily put a break to your ads expenditures.

Where your ads will be positioned is totally up to Google’s Adwords algorithm which depends upon their content relevance and the keywords optimized for user-friendly purposes. But the good news is, you can tweak and improvise the relevance of your ad by editing the content and testing their performance every day. If you think your ads are not generating positive and profitable outcomes you can take the ad down anytime within your media cycle.

6. Gives You Valuable Marketing Data

PPC help you acquire valuable marketing data, with every impression and conversion and click made through your Google Adwords. Hence it is can be an amazing tool to gather relevant information which may be highly useful in generating more qualified leads.

Summarizing Thoughts:

In order to direct rapid and relevant traffic to a website, PPC is for all, be it a B2B company, a B2C company and the other business types. What you as a business marketer has to understand is, PPC campaigns do not run on their own nor become beneficial to your brand without the necessary tweaks and constructive strategy.

A regular monitoring and adjustments to your Google Adwords plan and content can reap the expected benefits to your business and help its growth in the market.

Aakriti Kapoor is the Digital Marketing Strategist at Digitaloitte, a top digital marketing company in India that provides digital solutions to various industries.

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