7 Reasons Why Online Marketing is Good for your Business

Online Marketing

Today, consumers are becoming more used to the convenience which online shopping brings forth into the market. Purchasing habits are no longer limited to in-store shopping. E-commerce has made its way into the daily lives of consumers. Thus, either you have a small scale business or a big one; your company should have online marketing as a part of your advertising suite. Why? To create an online presence of your brand, reach a wider range of customers and increase your sales prospects.

With the better internet accessibility at buyer’s end, online shopping has only witnessed a rapid growth in its trend. In fact, online retail sales are estimated to reach 8.8% of total sales in 2018 which was 7.4% in the year 2016. Hence, a company’s growth relies on how it has marked its presence on the internet and its users.

Businesses with strong grasp over the market owe their success to the best usage of internet for their marketing strategies. Online marketing is considered to be one of the most cost-effective tools to strengthen a company’s growth and sustainability.

Advantages of online marketing for a business:

1. Age of E-shoppers

The pool of online consumers is growing every day. What could be a better reason to base your online marketing plans than this?  Marketers now have a new way to reach intended customers which offer convenience to both the company and the users.

People have developed a habit of shopping online as they can have products and services delivered at their doors. Saves a lot of time, doesn’t it? In fact, there are about 3 billion internet users, even though not all of them shop online.  However, there are those who can become your potential customers if approached rightly.

People are spending their money and shopping onlineIt is obvious that you wouldn’t want to miss out your chances to reach out to as many prospects as possible to meet your marketing goals. Ergo, Internet marketing has become a vital part to be included in your marketing strategies if you want to increase your sales and get better ROI.

2. Targeting the right audience

With a smart internet marketing plan, a company can characterise which set of online users they can target for greater conversion rate and increase their product sales. Digital marketers can survey the trending needs, likes and dislikes of the consumers so as to target the right set of audience. People have developed a liking for more customised and personalised marketing strategy. Every company is looking out for a particular set of users who would rightly fit in their consumer base. Today, there is an abundance of social media platforms and online channels where you can put your digital marketing strategy to a better usage. For example, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest offers you the option of searching for specific consumer base according to their dislikes, likes, interests, locations, cultural background etc. It enables your company to advertise your offerings to the right set of online consumers.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Online marketing can be a money-saver to businesses which fall short on cash when it comes to allocating their capital for advertising their brand. For instance, starts up and small-scale businesses usually lack huge budgets for their marketing purposes.

The digital world can be a great platform to maximise the marketing goals for those who want to reach out to a larger number of online audience. Be it a small or big business, online marketing is for all.

With right online marketing strategy, your brand can approach in the same way huge billboards and TV ads reach to the potent buyers of a company. Online marketing is a modern-day advertising strategy that is known for its cost-effectiveness and wider scope of approaching intended customers.

4. To Assess Competitors

Implementing online marketing can make a company aware of what it’s competitors are doing to attract the online customers and prospective clients. The competition is only getting stronger with each year and being digitally present in the market can assist a business to analyse its competitors. Digital Marketing tools allow a company to experiment with the ways it carries out its marketing plans. Business owners and digital marketers can have a better knowledge of the recent trends that can be utilised to improve their advertising techniques. The sole objective of a company is to have a better strategy than their competitors and online world can give them all the information needed to build an effective plan. Assessing your rivals and their advertising approach can help you develop an improvised way of reaching out, attracting and converting the online users into customers of your products and services.

5. Better B2C interaction

The Internet has become an easy to use platform for increasing, building and maintaining relationships with customers. Also, the internet gives you the opportunity to understand the interests and preferences of present day customers.

Right from the beginning to the post-purchase stage of a buyer’s journey, companies are finding it imperative to go online for better CRM services. The point is to maintain a steady relationship with your consumer base, which in exchange provides you with loyal customers and a chance to generate more leads through their referrals. You can send follow-up emails by thanking them, inviting them to review your products and services, and specific confirmations regarding the purchase made by them. Personalised offers and special discounts are some of the ways to maintain better relationships with clients on behalf of your company.

6. Quality Brand Building

An effective online marketing strategy involves another major goal, that is, to build a good online reputation of a brand or business. It enables a company to increase its lead generation, online sales, wider reach to potential clients and improvise its online visibility. A credible brand image means the name itself will carry value to your company’s reputation. By providing the customers with good shopping experiences is one way to secure a path for building your brand’s reputation. It may take a longer time to build a positive brand reputation. But online marketing is aiding all types of businesses to swiftly level up their image within their user’s eyes. Through social media and other online platforms, business owners are working towards developing a reputable image by putting up customer reviews on their profiles. Branding is not only about sales but it also includes client-engagement, post purchase services and reliability on part of a company’s end.

7. Better Growth of a Business

A business’ growth is not limited to high sales but it is extensively dependent on its consistency within the market. To ensure sustainability is crucial for a company growth.Online marketing gives you an advantage to expanding your business, maintain your consumer base and create better opportunities to increase sales and leads. Small and new businesses can employ online marketing as their advertising strategy to evolve and grow their brand. We can say that online marketing is a great way of safeguarding your business survival within the current marketing scenario.


Present day consumers like convenient and hassle-free shopping experiences. With a simple click can get them to easily find what they look for in the usual marketplace, buyers are favouring companies who have personalised marketing approach towards them. Online marketing is one way to cater people with services and products that they think are just right for them. Thus, it can be considered as an umbrella term for a combination which ensures improved customer engagement, quality brand building,  a wider scope of reaching out to potential customers and a way of acquiring higher sales and increased ROI.

My Name is Ashfaq Ahmad and I am an independent Digital Marketing Consultant and Blogger of Techlofy. I have designed my own set of SEO, PPC and Analytics Methodologies to help clients improve their online business multi-fold. I am based in Delhi, India, but work with clients worldwide.