5 ways to Get Social Media Mentions for your Startup

Social Media Mentions

If you have just started with your entrepreneurial journey, then amplifying your business could be a challenge added to your efforts.  Though you have already convinced close relatives, family members, friends and acquaintances to give your business goals a benefit of doubt, that’s not all! You have to reach out to a larger populace by making your business visible to a maximum number of people. It’s absolutely fine if you haven’t got extra money to splurge on marketing. Social media is there to help you sail through every hurdle a startup faces in its initial phase. One of the best ways to make the internet advantageous is to get social media mentions for your company.

In this post we will discuss 5 ways to get social media mentions for your startup to achieve prosperity in future:

1. Build connections with influential journalists

Creating connections with well-known journalists is a promising tactic to get your brand and its products (or services) mentioned on social media. Find those who know and write about your niche very well. For example, if you offer services in organising events for weddings and other functions, try approaching an event blogger or a journalist who writes about this domain. Get to know their published work and how well they network in the industry. Send emails appreciating and complimenting them, if you like a blog post or an article they’ve written. But don’t sugarcoat; rather focus on how well you can stay connected with them. You would want to keep their expectations in consideration as well. It is never a take-and-take alliance in the B-world. So make sure you have relevant offerings in return. One way to consolidate your relationship with journalists is to be their go-to source whenever they need a quote for their blog or website.

2. Use Hashtags

A Hashtag (#) can be your ally if you want to get your business, products or services visible on social media. It is extensively being used for promoting an event, an achievement, newly launched product or service and much more. Instagram, is a leading social media platform, where marketers, celebrities, business giants are advertising their brands and launches daily. You can also use the same feature to market your business on sites like Facebook and Pinterest. Hashtagging your accomplishments, product’s name, your brand, keywords related to your industry is a great way of reaching out to a huge audience from any part of the world. Let everyone know what you have to offer in the global marketplace!

3. Facebook Video

Getting your content viral is a new way to garner attention on social media. Play with Facebook’s visibility algorithm because Live-video is trending these days. You just have to upload a video related to your business and its offerings. It’s a smart and reliable way to gain organic visibility without having to invest huge efforts in anything. In case it goes viral, you will definitely gain significant leads to your website.

4. Blogging

You can mark your online presence by utilising the blogging section present on websites. Start your own blog by writing good content on your website. Having done that, you can further pitch your articles to websites which are leading the online arena. Approach influential bloggers and online publishers who can push your written works into a greater digital sphere. In case you don’t write, you can always hire professional writers and freelancing bloggers to blog for your company. Or maybe you can invite Guest bloggers to collaborate with your website. This way, you will have reputable author-bio to flaunt over the web which will only add credibility to your brand’s image.

4. Attend Networking Events

Though it’s not an online strategy you can incorporate into your marketing plan, rather it requires you to take part in events that can evolve your networking within the industry. Find out about networking events and meetups related to the niche you are working in. Use social media to know the ‘when and wheres’ of such events.

These types of events are organised so that entrepreneurs and investors introduce themselves and find the best fit to their business ventures. Utilise such opportunities!

If you are looking for someone to collaborate or network with, attend these networking meetups. Introduce yourself, offer help in the field(s) you’re expert at, or seek some if you need any help.

Remember, networking doesn’t limit itself to these events; you need to make follow-up calls and send emails by extending your interest to whomsoever you plan on building a commercial network with. In case you hit the right note and given the fact that everyone uses social sites for advertising, you will have yourself and your brand mentioned by these collaborators on online media.

Social media is a vast domain in itself, and making sure your content cuts through a cluttered environment is important to your business. With these 5 tips, you can have reliable social media mentions to boost your entrepreneurial ROI.

Gohita Basotiya is currently working as a Content Writer at Digitaloitte. She is a writer by day and a literary enthusiast by night, whose love for writing and reading has only been growing with every word she stumbles upon.